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The International Federation for the Teaching of English grew out of an international conference on English teaching held at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, in 1966. Following this meeting a network of international meetings and publications began to develop, and this eventually led to the formal constitution of IFTE in 1983. Since then a pattern has developed of holding a major international conference in one of the IFTE countries every four years, with a meeting of the executive attached to it. Executive also meet for an interim meeting in connection with an English conference every two years.

Recent major conferences have been held in New York (1995), Warwick (1999), Melbourne (2003), Calgary (2007), New Zealand (2011), and New York (2015).

Interim meetings have been held in Adelaide (1993), Johannesburg (1997), Vancouver (2001 and 2005), New Zealand (2009), and Colorado (2013).

NATE-IFTE 2018 Conference


So Many Voices, So Many Worlds

Friday 22-Sunday 24 June 2018

Conference Aston


The 2018 IFTE/NATE conference will be held at The University of Aston Conference Centre – in the city of Birmingham from June 21st – 24th.  This conference follows on from the highly successful IFTE conference held in New York in 2015.  Birmingham is England’s second city, it is in the heart of the country, has its own international airport and is only an hour from London by train and half an hour from Stratford Upon Avon.

For more information and to register for the conference go here.

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